About Dominic

A Little Bit About My Story

As a young boy Dominic was your typical teenager from Port Glasgow. At the age of 14 Dominic lost his father ex morton captain John Boag. Suddenly after the lost of his father Dominic started hearing voices of his late father and also voices of others. Dominic had many dreams to become something like every other teenager however talking to the dead wasn’t one of them.

After a few weeks of his dad passing away and hearing these voices Dominic was taken in and mentored by a local medium who help him gain a better understanding of this new amazing gift.

At The Age Of 16

After a few years of understanding and controlling this new life experience Dominic began serving and demonstrating his connection with the spirit world with church services and shows across Scotland.

At The Age Of 17

Dominic was asked to represent Scotland’s under 25s in the international spiritualist federation at their conference in St. Andrews

At The Age Of 18

Every teenager cant wait to turn 18 but for Dominic he was hit with the devastating news he was going blind with a rare condition
within weeks his eye sight was limited.Dominic was a normal teenager who dreamed of being a policeman before a rare disease which affected his nerves almost wiped out his vision. But after becoming almost blind, he found he had developed a “sixth sense”. Dominic’s gift became more heightened and became stronger and stronger and now Dominic travels across the world sharing his talent and teaching his understanding of spirit.


At this moment in time Dominic writes his own column in the Scottish Sun news paper named “Second Sight”. He’s still touring in the UK and in the USA demonstrating his outstanding mediumship blowing audiences away he has also one of the founder of “The Voice Of Spirit Holistic Centre”.

“I live the dream helping form the missing link between you and your loved ones”.