As one of the UK’s youngest mediums, Dominic is building an impressive reputation here in the UK and in America with how strongly connected he is to the spirit world. His live shows and private sittings leave his audiences ‘blown away.’ 

Dominic is distinctive among mediums: registered blind, he brings a fresh and vibrant modern form of mediumship to the spiritual movement. He is well-known for taking on the characteristics and personalities of spirit communicators. 

As an International teacher, Dominic has a great passion for helping others to develop their own mediumship.


Excellent evidence of spirit delivered sensitively and with humour and pathos by an amazing medium. Thank you Dominic for your great connection with your audience. My father came forward toward the end and every piece of evidence Dominic gave was spot on. If you get a chance and Dominic is in your area, catch him if you can.


I had my first private reading with Dominic in the summer and it was just fantastic! It brought me so much comfort hearing everything he had to say, and I look forward to my next one.


I had a private reading with Dominic in Feb 2017 and what a fantastic experience it was . My whole reading was with my late son Scott. What a comfort it was for me. Dominic was so accurate in everything he gave me. I laughed and I cried but left feeling at comfort with myself. I didn’t want it to end as Scott came through with loads of memories we had shared. Thank you so much . I will definitely come back for another reading. I was at the show last night in Irvine and Scott came through along with my mum and dad . It was another fantastic night for me . Can’t thank you enough xx